Tuesday, July 29, 2014
(Disciples of Christ)


We are located in New Town, 3337 Rue Royale

 (on the corner of Rue Royale & Hempstead)

 in St. Charles, Missouri.




  ...Welcome to the Family

     We experience our life together in church as if we were family.   We help and support

one another on our journey towards deeper faith and on our transitions through the joys

and challenges that life presents.

     We believe the family (no matter what the make-up or configuration of family that you

are a part of) is the most important place where faith begins. It starts as parents teach the

Christian Faith, positive relationships with others and healthy attitudes towards all people

and granting full respect to one another so each of us might grow into the mature person

of faith that God intends us to be.


   ...Welcome to the Community

     Our church is like a little village where we all seek together to listen to God’s word for

our lives. 

     We also work at contributing towards wholesome human dignity for all people within

the community or neighborhood in which our church resides.     

     While our address is in New Town, our members come to worship from all parts of the

metro area. We are always working to make our community a better place to live.

      We are known as a member of the Disciples of Christ denomination. But we take

seriously the fact that we are also members of the universal church and we acknowledge

that all churches are “One in Christ.” Throughout our history as a denomination we have

worked urgently for the unity of all churches.


   ...Welcome to a Relationship

     We are a God-centered, neighborhood oriented gathering place for all generations of

people who worship, study the Bible and play together. We work to foster and strengthen

relationships with God and with others. We have learned that our faith grows best when

we are in church where we are taught and where we challenge one another to better live

the God-filled life.  We believe that it is also important to follow the instructions from

Jesus to reach beyond the walls of our church, to help our neighbors when in need. 



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